It’s about getting to know you and building trust.

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Lakewood Capital Group’s focus resides in real estate marketing, development & investments. Over 50 years of combined real estate experience guides us while pursuing only the highest quality property to buy or sell.

It is extremely important to us that we only offer premium real estate to our valued customers at extraordinarily affordable prices.
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We're here to
‍guide the way.

In our business, it’s about getting to know you and building trust. We realize it’s about walking the land with you and letting you experience the property first-hand. We work hard to find the right property that will match your needs. From title insurance to covenants to our guarantee of build-ability, we do everything possible to make your buying experience a positive one.


Whether you are looking for a place to retire, a second home, or a vacation property, LCG is here to guide the way. We look forward to helping you acquire the property that is right for you.

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We know we make our living off the land, and we strive to protect that land to the best of our abilities.​

Rest assured that LCG works hard to make as little impact on the environment that we ALL share. Our Project Managers take special care to follow all Local, State and Federal Guidelines for responsible development. We have a longstanding history of creating naturally beautiful properties for your family and the generations to come to enjoy. Our business is land and we know how to treat it right.